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    Malayalam Astrology Magazine. Manorama Online. മലയാളം ജ്യോതിഷ ഫലം. Weekly Horoscope. Monthly Horoscope. Yearly Horoscope. Zodiac Sign. Astrology in Malayalam - Astro-Vision's Malayalam astrology App instantly generate horoscope & comprehensively analyse it in Malayalam. It's an inclusive . Generate 10+ pages of indepth astrology report with graha nila, janma rashi, presence of auspicious and inauspicious yogam etc. For horoscope matching in Malayalam, check the jathaka porutham online. Birth chart or graha nila showing the 12 Rashis and graha stithi in each rasi.

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    Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate content JyothishaDeepthi Vedic Malayalam Astrology Software with Malayalam Horoscope, Panchangam, Transit/Star/Rise/Set Tables, Malayalam Calendar. Malayalam jyothisham Ebooks - Read Malayalam Astrology Books exclusively on Dailyhunt.

    Fame, wealth, position, land, happiness and good children are the results of Swa kshetra balam. The placement of Moon is very important in a horoscope. Suppose in a horoscope if the Moon is placed at 10 deg. The lord of Ashwini is Ketu. Since Moon is placed in Aries, the sign lord is Mars. Star lord is Ketu. Hence the sign lord is Mars and The Chandra rashi is more powerful than the Sun rashi. This particular division is called padam or charan.

    Their nature is versatile, imaginative, pleasant, thoughtful and adaptable.

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    This rashi sign covers the last two charans of Mrigshira; complete Ardra and first three charans of Punarvasu Nakshatras. The people of this sign usually have thin physique, are tall in height, medium complexion, dark eyes, thin hair.

    They are generally soft-spoken, with good power of oration. They are learned people with good command of language. They use phrases frequently while talking. They lean while walking.

    Malayalam Jathakam | സമ്പൂർണ ജാതകം

    They have pointed nose and long organs of the body. They are fast at work.

    They advance their logic in talk, conversations. They love change and possess foresightedness. As a rule, they are short tempered but cool down quite easily.

    They can consistently work without feeling fatigue, which adversely affects their health. You would love it.

    See samples from here. Besides this, the meaning and significance of each Chart has also been given for simplified understanding. Each divisional chart identifies a specific nature and helps delineating the horoscope for comprehensive analysis. The Dosha pages related to Manglik, Kalsarpa and Sadhesati describes the meaning of respective Dosha and also explains in a lucid language its formation and effects.

    Moola Nakshatra

    Besides, in case the Dosha is present, it gives an analytical report of the type of Dosha along with it effects and suggests the appropriate remedies for it. It also explains the meaning and significance of each of the three types of stones.

    Clear images of the related gems help the readers to identify the stones. It recommends the appropriate weight of the gem, the metal the ring should be made of, mantra to be recited, the day and time it should be worn, cautions to be taken, etc.

    It then goes on to describe the characteristic nature, hobbies, appearance of the person born in that particular Ascendant.

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